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21st Century Hand & Palm Analysis

Hand & Palm Readings & Analysis Kosmic Konnection
Palmistry - Hand & Palm Reading 
Better known as Hand Analysis in the 21st Century. Kosmic Konnection is known around the world for its accuracy, in-depth readings and analysis.
Look at your Hands - What do you see?
Lines, mounts, color, the shape of the hand and shape of the fingers. All you ever wanted to know about your life past, present and future is reflected in your hands.
Throughout the centuries palmistry has been dismissed as mere creases in the palms, but, there are many more lines than movement could cause. 
It carries a stigma placed upon it by fortune tellers and pseudo-scientists. But, because of the work of physician Dr. Eugene Sheimann and Dr. Charlett Wolf of U.C.L.A., palmistry or rather Hand Analysis, as it is known today, is recognized by many in the medical community, as a viable scientific tool to gain insight into the human condition.

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