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talent signs palmistry


Length of fingers and shape of palms reflect your talents. Everyone has talents no one gets cheated. They are however, all different and unique.


Short fingers mean one thing, long fingers mean another.

THUMB: Numbers
Long: Will do well in life, good manual dexterity.
Short: Works well with numbers.

Index finger: Leadership
Long: Boss finger - Leadership, supervisor, good sales ability, school teacher, politician.
Short: Self motivated - works well on own without supervision.

MIDDLE (Business) FINGER: Business
Long: Good business sense.
Short: Concerned with social issues.

Ring Finger: Creativity
Long: Creative, Imaginative, Inventive, Abstract thinker.
Short: Practical, Systematic.

Pinky Finger: Scholar
Long: Works well with words and letters, scholarly, doctor lawyer finger.
Short: Hands on people, gets the job done. Good delegator.

The Shape of the Palms will Reveal the following Personality Types:

Square: Athletic - Active
Round: Artistic.
Long: Philosophical thinker
Combination Round-Square (Conic): Musician.

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