Look at your hands
Everything you wanted to know about yourself is there: talents, strengths, abilities, weaknesses, all about past events and those still to come. Our hands are an open book for all to see.

Through out history there has been controversy about Hand Analysis and it's accuracy, some have dismissed it as mere creases, but the fact is there are many more lines present than the movement of your hands and fingers could cause.

What can we learn from Hand Analysis?
Many people assume that Hand Analysis is just reading the lines in the palm's of the hand, when in reality, it is the entire hand as a whole, that tells the complete story.

The shape of the hands and the length of the palm and fingers, must be considered as well as fingertips when reading the hands. Each aspect outlines and defines different attributes of ones life past, present and future.

Reading the hands of others

When reading for others, there are some very basic rules that must be followed to insure that the experience is a positive one. First, make sure that you are both seated comfortably and as relaxed as possible.


Good lighting is essential, a lamp that shines on the hands, but, does not glare in the face is best. Keep a magnifying glass close by, it will be very useful for people that have fine lines that may be hard to read.

Better yet, these days you can take a very high resolution image with your smart phone and send the images to a larger screen, like a laptop, desktop or even a 50" flat screen. You can then sit side by side and observe and study the lines together.

It is recommended that you get used to carrying out a reading in a sequential approach, even though everyone may have a different style of reading. You will find that some people are very shy about having their hands touched, so never insist that they have a reading if they don't want it.


The use of a pencil or pointer usually makes people a little more comfortable. And when reading always be objective, never judgmental. We all differ in our beliefs and lifestyles and that must be respected.


All of the nerves come off the spine and end in the hands and the feet. That is the basis of hand & foot Reflexology (healing massage). The nerves therefore create markings in the palms, so there is a map of your life in your hands. Four major lines show in the hands unless you have the Simian lines, in which case there are just three lines and the Heart line drops into the Headline. More about this later.


We'll begin with the Life line (see image above) this line begins between the thumb & the index finger and travels down to the base of the palm.


Then the Head & Spine line, this line will begin between the thumb and the base of the index finger and travel across the palm to the outside of the hand.


The Heart line is the uppermost line that starts between the index finger and the middle finger or just below that point and travels to the outside of the palm.


The fourth line is the Fate line, which begins at the base of the palm and travels up only to the middle finger. All lines have some health connotations as well as other implications.


The Fate line tells you how long you'll live, not the Life line, because the Life line reflects the condition of the lungs and the respiratory system. Breaks in the Life line do not mean death, a break at base of the thumb on the Life line could mean lack of oxygen at birth.

Other items that show on the Life line such as small lines rising straight up, are achievement lines. They appear even before you have the achievements, so you can look ahead to see what achievements are coming up, (see time line chart below) you can even see these achievement lines on children and tell if they are going to be college graduates.

If you hold a flexible (light plastic) ruler straight down the inside of the base of the index finger, where the ruler dissects the Life line is about age 20 then every 1/8 inch is a year. Mark age 20 with a dot then count down the Life line about a 1/4 inch, this would be about age 22.

The Left hand is the past and the Right hand is the present and future. The lines in the past hand will not change, but, present hand lines will change according to how you're living your life. You choose your destiny by the choices you make in life although, some parts of the destiny are predetermined, like your talents and personality.

The Fate line can have two different beginnings at the base of the palm, each beginning has different meanings. Remember, if you are reading it in the left hand it is your past, if reading it in the right hand it is the present. If the Fate line begins in the center of the palm (at the base) and goes straight up to the base of the middle finger, it indicates that you are a very private person, able to entertain yourself, someone who needs solitude or private space, someone with a private agenda.

If the Fate line, however, begins in the fat pad at the outside of the palm it generally means a person who is very sociable and loves to have friends or family around them at all times. These are the kind of people who love interaction with other people. It is nice to find similar Fate lines in a man or a woman who are to marry then they will have the same interests.

If married couples have the same start to their Fate lines, curved with curved or straight with straight, they generally are very compatible. Matching Fate line beginnings can cause less tension in a marriage. Some people have two beginnings to their Fate lines. These are people who can diversify or who have learned a second type of lifestyle. Sometimes each hand will have a different beginning, read them accordingly, Left hand is past (childhood), Right hand is present (now) and Future.

Remember the Fate line is the line that runs up to the middle finger only, don't confuse it with the Life line that runs around the base of the thumb. In some hands this Fate line can be broken or just appear as a short minor line. When the Fate line is short, small and indistinguishable, it means the top of the spine is jammed in the Cervical #1 (C-1) and Cervical #2 (C-2) area (see Spine chart below).

Pinched nerves at the very top of the spine interrupts the Fate line. The nerves at the base of the skull and in the top part of the neck rule this line.


Don't get excited if you see breaks in the Fate line, they just indicate a change of direction in your life. Divorce, marriage, change of religion, career, a large move, etc.


You can generally tell when a person is going to get married within about 1 year. More about this and how the Fate line shows the length of your life in the next lesson. 


Continuing lessons will be available soon, so check back often.

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