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guardian angel lines on the hands palmistry


can be relatives, like grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings that have passed away. If you have a child pass away, they always become a Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide to you.


Close friends or someone that you've been a caretaker to can also become a Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide. Markings that tell you "who" your Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides are, will appear in the left hand.


These lines run parallel to the Life line and eventually intersect the Life line with a third line indicating the death of a loved one. This will happen on a timeline and where these 3 lines intersect signify the age that "you" were when they died.

So for example, if you find these three intersecting lines in your left hand at your age 11, and you lost a grandparent at that age, that's a Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide. 


If you find another set of these lines at age 25 and you lost a close friend at that age, they'll be a Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide to you. If you discover these same markings in your right hand it indicates a visit from your Guardian Angel-Spirit Guide, celestial protection or divine intervention.

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